How I Got Saved

by A Child of God on August 8, 2011

At present I am an English teacher in the Ministry of Education in Oman.I was born and brought up in a protestant Christian family. I lived the life of a Pharisee and never had a deep relation with God. I was not a regular church goer but used to observe the Good Fridays and Easters , Christmas and New Years . I have not attended Sunday school lessons .I depended on my wisdom and intelligence and was always confident in my life and deeds.I was advised by my grandmother to pray and worship God but I used to tease her and say ‘You are old and fear death that’s why you pray when I be 50 years old I too would take the Bible and pray’.“Never did I realize that I would take the Bible before reaching 20s”.

I used to sincerely pray during my exams and once it gets over turn to my old ways of life.Now I realise how GOD cared for me even when I didn’t know Him as HE ought to be.Many brothers from prayer groups used to call me for meetings and I used to be away from them.As I was doing my B.A final year exams in 1988 the Lord touched me.I had already finished 4 main papers and was about to give the 5th and last main paper in English Literature.I did very well in all the 4 exams and was confident of getting a first class which was very difficult in those days. As I got the question paper I was very happy but while writing through halfway my hand started shivering and I could not continue my exam somehow I managed to sit through and left the exam hall early without having the courage to face my friends and discuss the questions.

I reached home and started to cry and told the facts to my parents they consoled me but I started to fear –something – loss or failure.Till then I have never lost marks in an exam so badly. This thought haunted me and I could neither sleep nor have food .Fear overcame me and my parents were worried. They had great expectations for me but I felt I lost everything.A state of depression and utter hopelessness. I could not concentrate on prayers my grandmother visited me unexpectedly and took me to a revival meeting in Thiruvalla by Rev. C M Varghese .I was so troubled that I got irritated when I heard people praising God with drums and music. I told my grandmother to go herself inside the hall and I waited outside .After a while , something in me forced to go inside. I went and sat in a corner so that none sees me. BUT, the Lord saw me and when the testimony of Br Reny George , a convict on parole started I was touched .

The Lord opened my heart and for the first time I realized that I was a sinner.Tears rolled down my cheeks and I repented. O LORD JESUS , IF YOU CAN SAVE BR RENY, WHY NOT ME.….I am a worst sinner. please save me. Just then I felt a great relief and comfort . The priest prayed for me and when I came home I was a new person.I told that I would write the exams again and didn’t bother any longer about my future. I found Jesus who can care for my future.My family members were happy.I started reading the BIBLE and praying daily. The Lord spoke to me through the word and I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Saviour.After a month I had to write the subsidiary subject Sociology. I wrote the exam very well.Never in an exam have I been so confident .As I came out from the hall my friends asked me and I told what had happened to me. Then I wished them and told them that I didn’t do well in the 5th main paper so I may repeat and not be with them for M.A. As .

I began going to meetings ,Rev CM Varghese gave me a promise one day. Psalms 37: 3-4, 5.When I reached home my sister told me that the B.A results were declared. I told her to get my hall ticket and asked her to read the promise I got . She read it. TRUST IN THE LORD , AND DO GOOD;DWELL IN THE LAND , AND FEED ON HIS FAITHFULNESS.DELIGHT YOURSELF ALSO IN THE LORD ,AND HE SHALL GIVE YOU THE DESIRES OF YOUR HEART.COMMIT YOUR WAY TO THE LORD , TRUST ALSO IN HIM , AND HE SHALL BRING IT TO PASS.

I told her my hearts desire is to get a first class but now as a paper went bad its out of the question. But I went to S.B College Changanacherry and I reached the noticeboard.I didn’t have the courage to look at it .Suddenly a classmate Josekutty hit me on the back and said, Bijo you got a first class.I didn’t believe it. I checked the results got the marklist .Wow!it was true . A triple first class! The Lord gave me my heart’s desire. I knelt down and praised my God. I shared my testimony to my friends. I called my parents and they too were surprised.We gave all glory and honour to God. I got 76% in the subsidiary subject Sociology that helped me to get the first class in B.A English .All my teachers and friends congratulated me. BUT I realized that it is by His grace not by my merits.

I had ups and downs ,struggled a lot , worked in Bihar and Madhya Pradesh ,back to Kerala, marriage with Jancy and God gave 2 kids Irene and Merlin,a visit to Oman returning jobless; lot of mental agony and conflicts.But I trusted in the Lord and the Lord had given me a promise while I was returning from Oman after 4 months without hope. Isaiah 43: 18 -19 and Psalms 40 :17 (1997). 3 years later I got a job in Oman. The lord fulfills all his promises. I thank and glorify Him.

Life in Oman has brought me closer to God. I got baptized here. My wife , my parents , my brother and sister got saved and baptized.The Lord chose me and I thank GOD for saving my family. My brother is an evangelist now. I have more thrilling experiences with Jesus Christ my Lord and Saviour here. I shall share them in course of time. My advice for the new generation is that once you surrender your life to the Lord HE will mould you and shape you and offer a bright future which you may never expect at all. MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL.


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Lynne August 17, 2011 at 11:31 pm

Thank you for sharing.. hope you don’t mind if i post this on face book! Hugs!



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