Jesus saved my life!

by A Child of God on August 17, 2011

I wrote this while I was in a bible study with my church titled Breaking Free by Beth Moore, I was asked to share my testimony with the group it was the first time I had shared my testimony and I thought I would continued so that God’s Glory can be shown through me even more!
I know some of you, but for those I don’t know my name is Sarah. Honestly when I signed up for this bible study I knew my life was very different from two years ago, and I knew God was part of it. Through this study not only have I realized that god wasn’t just a part of all the things I’ve been broken free of, but that He was all of it He did it. I also realized that each and every day He reveals another form of bondage that He wants to break me free of, and I know that as long as I have Him in my front line before I walk into any storm, I will come out the other side continually broken from the chains of bondage. I would now like to share with you where I was, what changed, and where I am now.
For eight years I lived a very selfish, rebellious, sinful life. I got into a life that was a complete lie but I truly believed it was the only way to survive. This damaging life consisted of drugs, self- harm, permiscusis behavior, and even at times had thoughts and several attempts of ending my life, I was completely lost. Two years ago I had my first daughter, and I wasn’t working, I wasn’t with the father, I was homeless and sadly still using drugs. I agreed to give custody of my daughter to my step mother and father who were currently moving to Alabama. For the first time in my life I had done an unselfish thing. I believe God had a part in this, because five months later my eyes were opened, I was tired of hurting and tired of losing my loved ones, and I knew I needed something more something not of this world. At this point most of my family and friends thought I was a lost cause, and that I would never recover. Fortunately though they didn’t know what God could do, and that through Him anything was possible, even me. In November of 2009 I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and savior. I still struggled, but there was something different now, God was carrying me through and something amazing happened in my life. I began to love God, not only that I also began to love myself, a place I never thought I would ever be. I have a loving caring husband that I am completely faithful to. I have to beautiful, gorgeous daughters that are healthy in every way. I have the trust of my family that continues to grow each and every day. I have a stable living home. I attend church on a regular basis, and I actually want to. This past July I celebrated being a year clean off all drugs, and I just got back from visiting my daughter for the first time in two years. I would not have any of this if it wasn’t for God, He not left my side since I asked Him to be my side, and I am fully confident He never will.
I would now like to share a poem I was inspired to write after the study on King Ahaz, and how God repeatedly gave him a chance to repent, and come to Him. It reminded me that even when I was doing wrong in god’s eyes, He still gave me the chance to come to Him, and He never gave up on me. If He didn’t continue to love me, and give me every chance to repent and be with Him, I would most likely not be here today.  He saved my life!!!!!!

I lived in sin for many many days
but then I learned of a different way.
I learned of the son,
and what He had done.
His great sacrifice for you and I.
Filled with the Holy Spirit I let out a sigh,
torment, hatred, and evil was gone
I was no longer alone,
and I was no longer blind.
A greater peace was left in my mind.
This man was born to die
but now He is lifted high.
He saved the world of sin
all of us children, women, and men
His blood was spilt to rescue us,
with a love we have never known
and has given it to each and everyone of us.
He doesn’t discriminate
and doesn’t have even an ounce of hate.
This man is my Lord and savior
His name is Jesus Christ
I will praise Him forever more,
and for Him I will gratefully soar!!

By: Sarah Smith

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Vanessa August 19, 2011 at 6:26 pm

Thanks for sharing…. awesome



angie September 21, 2011 at 10:44 am

omg, your poem is so beautiful. God bless you !



luca oliveira January 11, 2012 at 12:05 am

Thats a really beautiful poem!



Laura August 1, 2012 at 9:04 pm

What an amazing testimony, i have a sister who is in the same place as you were in, and shes not saved yet but the time is coming! Any tips on how i can influence/lead her to Jesus?



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